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For over a decade, our diligent team have been perfecting our range of high-grade mattresses.

You could get a standard mattress from your local bed retailer but, with ours, you'll feel the difference. Just like with our bespoke adjustable beds made in Brighton, each mattress we supply is designed and made, tailored to your desires and requirements. Select your filling, covers and materials yourself. Our covers are highly-acclaimed, washable CoolMax covers. We can make any mattress to any specification, both British and European sizes. We do also offer regular-sized mattresses. 


Do you have a MOTORHOME/ CARAVAN OR A BOAT / worn mattresses ? Tired upholstery ?
We also offer our complete 'bespoke' replacement service. Just get in touch.

Please Note: If you are replacing your worn mattress, please measure the length, width and depth required before placing your order.



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Poket Sprung Mattresses (Suitable for Adjustable Beds)

Natural touch , Tufted pocket spring mattress

Natural Touch ‘Tufted'
(1000 Spring) Pockets (Soft)

2ft 6" - £395  |   3ft - £495   |   4ft - £595   |   4ft 6" - £695
5ft - £795   |   6ft - £895   |   7ft - £995

Natural touch , Tufted pocket spring mattress

Natural Touch ‘Tufted'
(1500 Spring) Pockets (Soft-Medium)

2ft 6" - £410  |  3ft - £510   |   4ft- £595   |   4ft 6"- £ 695
5ft- £795  |   6ft- £895  |   7ft- £995

Natural touch , Tufted pocket spring mattress

Natural Touch ‘Tufted'
(2000 Spring) Pockets (Medium-Firm)

2ft 6"-£425  |  3ft- £529  |  4ft- £659   |   4ft6"-£759
5ft- £879  |   6ft-£969  |  7ft-£1079


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Pocket Sprung Mattresses (Suitable for Any Regular Non-Adjustable Bed)

Each of the mattresses shown above are available in a non-adjustable format, in addition to:

Natural touch , quilled pocket spring mattress

Natural Supreme Quilted
(3500 Spring) Pockets (Medium-Firm)

2ft 6"- £455  |  3ft- £ 549  |  4ft- £ 689  |  4ft 6"-£789
5ft- £909  |  6ft- £989  |  7ft - £1119

Natural touch , quilled pocket spring mattress

Natural Touch Quilted
(4500 Spring) Pockets (Soft-Medium)

2ft6"- £479  |  3ft- £579  |  4ft- £709  |  4ft6"- £789
5ft- £939  |  6ft- £1029  |  7ft- £1149

Natural touch , quilled pocket spring mattress

Natural Touch Quilted
(8000 Spring) Pockets (Soft-Medium)

2ft 6"- £529  |  3ft-£629  |  4ft- £775  |  4ft 6"-£859
5ft- £1029  |  6ft-£1099  |  7ft-£1249


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Memory Foam Mattresses

We offer ‘body-sculpture' memory foam mattresses, in UK or European sizes, depending on your needs. Need something bespoke? Of course, we can oblige! Simply let us know the size you need and we'll ensure that it's produced accordingly. Additionally, all of our memory foam mattresses also come with removable, washable "Coolmax" covers.


2ft 6" - £ 545  |  3ft - £ 595  |  4ft- £895  |  £4ft 6" - £ 995 
5ft- £ 1095  |  6ft- £1195   |  7ft - £1395

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mans hand pushing down on memory foam mattress


 infographic on makeup of body sculpture back care memory foam mattress


with our superb 7" base layer of high grade support foam, combined with our 1" layer of  luxury memory foam, 'this mattress is a must' for those who both need and enjoy a VERY firm and supportive feel.

 infographic on makeup of Supreme memory foam mattress


this hugely popular, amazing mattress, with its high grade 6" supportive base layer, then topped with our ultra soft 2" luxury memory foam, just perfect for those who want BOTH support and luxury combined perfectly.


 infographic on makeup of Deluxe Sleepcare memory foam mattress


To sleep on this beautifully crafted mattress with its 5" base layer of luxury reflex foam, combined with a  3" top layer of luxury memory foam, this mattress will give a perfect blend of softness and yet gently supports you.

 infographic on makeup of Elite memory foam mattress


For those of us that just want that ultimate soft and luxurious feel, this mattress with its 4 " luxurious supportive base layer and then another 4" of our luxury memory foam. then just relax and enjoy, and let this mattress cradle your body.


* ALL MATTRESSES COME WITH THE "COOLMAX" removable, washable, covers.




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Home Consultation Service

Where applicable, we offer a home consultation service for after you have placed your order. This is geographically-limited to London & the South East, for now. This service is available in the event that you have placed your order but that there are some special circumstances that would require a closer inspection of your property.


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Important: Considering Access

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the furniture you have ordered will fit into your home. It is essential that you measure, with care, where the furniture shall be placed and the route within your home that our delivery team will take to get it there. If you have any low stairways, doorways, tight corners, low ceilings or any other access areas that concern you, just get in touch with us for advice and guidance.

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