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Est 2011 – Over A Decade of Producing Dedicated Furniture

Charles Edwards & Co are a well-established manufacturing company, providing bespoke, adjustable beds, made in Brighton and Essex. We proudly serve both the medical and luxury markets here in the UK, designing and building bespoke beds for the care industry, boutique hotels and, of course, for home use. Our highly experienced craftsmen and women do so much more than the ordinary – whether you have medical needs, are looking for pure luxury or indeed both, you'll find what you need with our timeless classics and our beautiful signature beds. We're luxury bed makers in Brighton, serving the entire UK with service that's second to none.



We've Learned From The Best (Being You, Of Course)

Our bespoke service meets your needs, to the letter, for that perfect night's sleep. Contact us today to enquire.

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 Why Choose Us?


High Quality Products

There is no substitute for quality and, thanks to our luxury bed makers in Brighton and Essex, that's exactly what you get. Every bed or piece of furniture we produce is made by hand in our workshops, only from the finest-quality European oak. Nothing is mass-produced.


Bespoke Built

When you choose Charles Edwards, you're choosing bespoke service, designed completely around your needs and your desires. We're always hard at work designing and building quality products, to unique specifications, so you can be certain your needs will be catered to.



Attention to Detail

Our experience stretches back for over twelve years and, as a result of this, we can produce beds and furniture with an unmatched attention to detail. Thanks to the bespoke nature of our service, every tiny little detail is given close attention, to ensure that the end product is just right.


Quality Craftsmanship

Our team is our lifeblood, working diligently to render high-quality design and fantastic final results. Our luxury bed makers in Brighton take exceptional pride in their work, ensuring that every detail is given appropriate attention, with the final product built to last.


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We're an experienced, reputable company and have, for many years, been able to exhibit at prestigious consumer exhibitions – over 50, in fact! Our business is expanding at such a rate that we now find ourselves unable to exhibit at further shows. We may do the odd show, here and there but, for the most part, we're happily busy dealing with your orders! We offer exceptional care, various optional extras and unrivaled quality. Some examples include:

  • London Ideal Home Show
  • Grand Designs Show London/Birmingham
  • Home Building & Renovating Show London/Birmingham
  • Many UK County shows, exhibiting our beautiful beds




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Need A Home Consultation?

Where applicable, we are able to offer a home consultation, which applies in the case that you have ordered your bed but have special circumstances that require final clarification and confirmation. Please note that geographical restrictions apply here, as home visits from our luxury bed makers in Brighton are limited to the London and the South East in this regard.


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